Chair Massage

Reduce Stress, Increase Productivity, Heighten Alertness, and be back in 10 minutes.

Why Chair Massage?

Employees are often sitting at a desk for the majority of their work day. This can lead to many problems including carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain and even restricted blood flow. iMassageAtlanta offers comprehensive five to thirty-minute chair and table massages, right in your workplace! Our On-Site Massages entail a fully clothed treatment of the head, neck, shoulders, arms back and hips that relieve the symptomatic effects of work-related stress.

  • Health fairs
  • Trade shows
  • Conventions
  • Large meetings
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Corporate parties

Who Can Benefit

Employee Wellness

Employees love the increased alertness, reduced tension and pain. Employers love the reduction in worker's compensation claims and the increased productivity.

Health Fairs

You need crowd at your booth and chair massage is a great way to attract attention! Hire us and we'll draw a crowd!


You need a crowd to pitch your products and services to. A few massage chairs will draw your crowd in quickly. Bring us along and watch people flock to your booth!

Training/Study Sessions

Chair massage has been proven to increase circulation to the brain increasing alertness and productivity. Get the most out of your training or study sessions with chair massage. I work with groups large and small.

Corporate Events

Chair massage attracts attention and draws a crowd. It is a perfect addition to your next event. Large or small we can cover your needs.

Film & Television Sets

Treat your cast and crew to chair massage during those long shoots. We can cover small or large production crews.

Pricing Options

  • Employer Paid Option

    per hour/per therapist
    discounts available based on number of therapists & hours
    3 hour minimum

  • Employee Paid Option

    per minute
    10 or 20 minute options
    3 hour minimum must be guaranteed

Need help determining which option is best for your business or how much time is needed? Contact us now, we are waiting for your call! Full body swedish, nueromuscular, and other modalites also available at All Health Wellness Center.
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